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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 9, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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right now at 5:30, chaos in quebec. in just the past hour, president trump announced the u.s. will not sign a joint statement at the g7 summit after being criticized by the canadian prime minister. welcome back, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. president trump upset that prime minister justin trudeau criticized the new u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum and says the u.s. will not sign the statement of the group of seven nations in quebec. >> the president is on his way for his historic meeting with
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kim jong-un in singapore. jay gray has more from quebec city. >> reporter: he got here late and left early. but president trump says his time at the g7 summit was, quote, tremendous. specifically, new u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum that have angered allied leaders, many who lashed out publicly before the summit, demanding a change. but the president remains defiant, saying that what must change is what he describes as an overwhelming american trade deficit, blaming president obama and past administrations for making bad deals. he also continued to push the idea that the g7 should expand, returning to the g8 with russia that something was the military takeover and annexation and a wt continues. as he left quebec city, the president also talked about his next stop, singapore, and his historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. he says, that, quote, every issue will be on the table as he
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works to establish a dialogue and relationship with kim and believes he'll know immediately if the meeting will be a success. it will apparently take a bit longer to understand the effects of his g7 visit. jay gray, nbc news, quebec city. for authorities in singapore, they began increasing security today ahead of next week's summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. concrete barricades set up on roads in the city center, the area designated as a special event area for the summit. it's near the u.s. embassy as well as several hotels. the summit itself is going to be held at a luxury resort on sentosa island. that is right off the coast of singapore. nbc news will have extensive coverage of the historic u.s. and north korean summit. lester holt is in singapore and will bring you an inside look at all the developments. coverage starts tomorrow on "nightly news." we are following developing news out of the north bay. a grass fire burning in san rafael. a viewer is sharing this video with us. it is burning in a hillside area
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called san rafael hill. that fire started about 45 minutes ago. so far, about 15 acres have burned. firefighters are on the scene right now, and it is about 15% contained. the good news, no structures threatened. no evacuation orders issued. we're going to continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted on the latest information. well, they are back in the bay area with their third nba championship title in four years. the golden state warriors landed in oakland at a private air terminal. nbc bay area's christie smith is in the thick of it. when we last show you, it looks like the fans got a chance to get some up close and personal moments. >> reporter: well, it was just that kind of day out here. you know, seeing this really never gets old. right now the players, we did see steph curry out here. they were reunited with family and friends who had been waiting here. of course, yes, they did get a
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welcome befitting nba champions. as you said, three wins in four years. now, this is the plane they got off of at around 4:15. the first two players off the plane, steph curry carrying the larry o'brien nba trophy, and kevin durant, finals mvp trophy. everyone out here, of course, wanting pictures of them and pictures of trophy. at one point i think steph actually took pictures of the scene that was out here with the media and employees of the warriors that were out here out front welcoming them back. moments ago we heard from coach steve kerr. >> this was a long year, a long, difficult season, but definitely all worth it in the end. just an amazing finish, and i thought our guys played probably their best game of the playoffs last night. >> reporter: now, outside the gates on the street from where we're standing, warriors fans lined up to see the players leave and of course to welcome
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them back to the bay area from cleveland as nba champions once again. some telling us they were bringing their children out here so they could see this in person. sports history in the bay area that's still being written. now, that plane landed at around 4:20 this afternoon, and i have to tell you, some of the fans actually lined up out on the street at about 11:30 this morning just to get a look, just to welcome them back as they drove out of here. we asked the about the parade, of course, that is set for tuesday. and every single person that we spoke with out there said they were going. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> of course they are. all right, christie, thanks so much. well, history being made by the warriors. to see a slide show of some of the best moments from the warriors nba cham our website, you can click on our warriors tab for complete coverage. this is a critical time for pg&e. in a scathing report out this week, cal fire is blaming the
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power company for violating state law in eight of the 12 northern california fires that started last year. >> that includes the deadly fires that swept through the north bay. many of the victims continue to struggle not just recovering from the devastation, but struggling with their insurance claims as well. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has been trying to get answers from their insurance company, state farm. tonight we have an important option that could help them and maybe even you. >> reporter: the root dispute here is simple really. homeowners bought insurance thinking if they lost100%. but that's not happening. and so an emotional fight is raging in the north bay. >> the fire is coming fast. >> it's very, very difficult. >> reporter: relentless flames spared nothing in raul de leon oh home. >> we're actually standing in what used to be my kitchen. >> reporter: everything's gone. but now to get fully reimbursed by his homeowner's policy, state
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farm is requiring a list of his home's contents. >> every fork, every knife, every spoon. >> reporter: raul could settle for an upfront payout reduced 25%, but he refuses to be low balled. >> it's obvious we lost 100% of everything. they should be paying us 100%. >> reporter: raul is not alone. early one saturday, we arranged to informally meet a few fire victims inside a church. 130 people showed up. >> please raise your hand if you lost everything. >> reporter: victims complained that state farm is dragging its feet, and they feel short changed. >> i paid my premiums on 100%. state farm ought to pay me 100% of my contents. [ applause ] >> reporter: many told us they feel helpless, but not raul. he found he could challenge state farm by hiring what the insurance world calls a public adjustor. >> up until that time i had no idea what a public adjustor was. >> every major claim needs a public adjustor. >> reporter: gordon scott is a
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public insurance adjustor with 44 years and countless disasters like the north bay fires under his belt. >> it's not too late for them to get help. >> reporter: scott says public adjustors decipher insurance jargon, counter unsatisfactory offers, and convince insurance companies to pay as close to 100% as possible. >> if you don't have your own representative, you're at a disadvantage. if you don't do it every day just like the adjustor from the insurance company does, then you're at a disadvantage in dealing with that adjustor. >> reporter: scott said his industry exists solely because insurance companies bank on overpromising in ads and underdelivering after disasters. >> and candidly, i kindf the whocess the big lie. >> reporter: public adjustors aren't a public service. they're a business. scott says hiring one will cost you about 10% of the claim. but he contends the negotiations usually increase the payout far more than 10%. >> sometimes we make hundreds of percents difference, thousands of percent difference from what the insurance company offers.
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>> i definitely think they're worth the money. >> reporter: raul is relieved an expert is helping him fight state farm, but he remains frustrated. >> we're going to keep battling. >> reporter: raul wants the state to address the wide gap between touchy-feely insurance advertising and their iron-fisted claims processes. he fears inaction now, after the fires devastated so many, will send the wrong message to insurance companies about their nitpickiness. >> and they'll continue to do that and try to wear down the consumer until the consumer just gives up. >> should that change? >> absolutely that should change. >> reporter: we have extended several invitations to state fao answer our questions on camera. it's declined. a spokesman instead has twice sent us a statement that says, state farm is committed to helping our customers recover from the tragic wildfires. it goes on to say that it's following the language in the insurance policy and the insurance contract provides coverage for items a customer has actually lost up to the
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policy limits. a few final notes about public adjustors. several might swarm you after a disaster. make sure there aren't any imposters there. check their state license. demand references. and ask lots of questions. you might have to sign a contract. only do that after you read it and understand it. there's a lot of money at stake here, so bring in an attorney if you have to. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or online at still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00. >> a bay area police officer on a mission to help a complete stranger. how he's hoping to save a young girl's life. and we've seen a cool and breezy start to the weekend. wind speeds, 20 to 35 miles per hour leading to a big drop in temperatures for now. big warm-up starts to set up for our seven-day forecast including tomorrow as well. we'll look at the details when we come right back.
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it happens all the time if you're a police officer. the emergency call. >> but a san jose cop got an emergency call that has nothing to do with the uniform he wears. nbc bay area's damien trujillo tells us how one officer is preparing to help save a life in a very unexpected way. >> reporter: he gets into his patrol car every day ready to protect and serve the people of san jose. officer jesse villaescusa knows there is always a chance the next call will send him rushing to save someone's life. that call came recently but not when he was in uniform and not the way he expected. >> i had been selected as a possible match for a patient. >> reporter: a patient who needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. the police officer suddenly found himself on a different mission, one that doesn'trequir rather bone marrow and a heart. jesse just happens to have all four. >> i could have been anything. coy have been homeless, and if they would have called me, i
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would have still been happy to do it. >> it's just another example of these officers stepping up and doing what they need to do in all parts of our community. >> reporter: the officer doesn't know who the patient is, only that she's a minor, and he'll have to travel out of state for the procedure in the next couple weeks. through it all, the rookie officer remains humble. >> i wouldn't look at it as a super power. i think i was just born with the right blood, born lucky. but i'm happy to do it, and i'm really glad that i'm being given the opportunity to help somebody out in that way. >> reporter: a cop who is used to chasing bad guys is now temporarily trading his uniform for a hospital gown a badge of courage. damian trujillo,laessa hopes th the bone marrow donor network. gets more people to register in still ahead on nbc bay area news, an unusual sight outside an east bay detention center. >> why a 15-year-old girl to chose her birthday celebration
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there and the statement she's making. and at this hour, 72 degrees in santa rosa, the warmest temperature we're seeing now. but soon san francisco could see 70s, and we could see 90s returning inland. the latest on a big warm-up headed our way when we come right back.
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a girl's 15th birthday in latin culture is a special event. it marks a coming of age. today one bay area girl decided to use her quinceanera to highlight a national problem. the separation of immigrant families. alexa lopez is a u.s. citizen, but her father, raul lopez, is an undocumented immigrant who has been detained in richmond for the lasnths. return to his wife and four children. alexa says it has been an incredibly difficult time for the entire family. >> i was really hoping that my daughter would be here with me by this time and be dancing with him. but instead my cousin's going to
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be representing him. >> alexa's untraditional quinceanera was part of a larger event community laiders also gathered at west county detention center in richmond to highlight the ongoing issue. at royally big day in merry old england. queen elizabeth ii celebrating her birthday. she's turning 92. a lot of pomp and circumstance marking the occasion. the queen arriving at buckingham palace in a horse-drawn carriage. thousands came out to watch the royal guard and the air force doing that. prince harry and his new bride, meghan markle, also in attendance. there we go. kind of cool hat. >> custom. i love it. fits her perfectly. >> markle's first big appearance in the buckingham palace balcony. she joined the queen and the rest of her family to watch the show. prince william and kate were there as well. isn't she a duchess? >> i believe so, that's correct. >> and their two children, prince george and princess charlotte were there. baby louis, unaccounted for.
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inside information, taking a nap. >> yes, most likely, with the nanny or something. it's a little much for him. he's brand-new. >> he'll get plenty of that as the time goes by. rob is back with a check of that forecast. >> it was warm, and you think, okay, you can put away the jackets. today comes, you get drizzle, wind, highs in the 60s. then back to t-shirt and flip-flops weather. right now the big story is the wind outside. you've got some high clouds over san francisco. yes, that is the warriors flag there over downtown, and it's blowing around with some gusts down to the south at sfo airport at 44 miles per hour. 20 to 30 into after. a high today of about 67 degrees. san rafael right now, gusty conditions. 66, a high of close to 74. in walnut creek, instead of being near 80, we only had a high of 75 and gusts up to 25
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miles per hour there. in fremont, high of 68. it's 66 degrees into san jose. clearly jacket weather this evening. numbers dropping through the 60s and could see some 40s by tomorrow morning. so our temperatures have trended a lot cooler over the last 24 hours. cool air aloft and the onshore winds sweeping on through, which those wind speeds are really gusty. 30 to 45 miles per hour around the peninsula and the futurecast shows between now and 9:00, winds staying gusty and then starting to drop off across some of those interior valleys, which will set the stage for some pretty chilly temperatures for this time of year as we wake up tomorrow morning. as you see there on the storm tracker radar, as we go into the satellite radar loop, you can see a weather system here that's very close to us, not quite close enough to give us showers. it helped to bring up some drizzle with the low clouds this morning. this is some very chilly air by june standards sweeping through. so, yes, we're not expecting rain, but as skies clear and our wind sheltered north bay
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valleys, mid-40s possible for tomorrow morning. chilly start with those wind sheltered valleys. clear skies. maybe a patch or two of low clouds. afternoon highs tomorrow should start the upward climb. mid-70s around san jose. low 80s, south of downtown. best chance of finding 80s tomorrow will be around antioch, brentwood, over towards fairfield. walnut creek close to 80s. bayside around oakland to hayward, 70s. for the a's game tomorrow, early afternoon, probably still need a jacket for that with some breezy conditions. warriors victory parade on tuesday, as you're about to see is going to be considerably warmer as that high pressure builds heading into monday and tuesday. the weewith temperatures in the 70s. bayside, cool. blustery 60s into san francisco and around the north bay. we should see warmer temperatures especially around santa rosa with 70s around mill valley and novato. as we take a look at your monday
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forecast, numbers up in the north bay in those areas in orange and red inland, upper 80s in reach monday as high pressure maxes out on tuesday. that will quickly bring our temperatures into the mid-90s inland and then we'll begin to trend cooler again as another area of low pressure drops down the coast. so it looks like a two to three day little heat wave coming our way. weekend not too bad. still breezy again tomorrow. dour 80s for the victory parade. valleys on tuesday, mid-90s. then we cool down again approaching next week. >> at least they shortened the parade. >> still fun. still ahead, trading the dance floor for a platform above the ground. >> why these skilled dancers are taking flight above the tenderloin. we'll have that story when we come back. stay with us. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. place. but an unusual -- and artisitc performance is . san francisco's tenderloin has a reputation as a rough and
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tumble place but an unusual and artistic performance is drawing all kinds of people to this part of san francisco. >> nbc bay area's joe row ssato. shows us this performance you might call high art. >> reporter: there is a rhythm to san francisco's tenderloin. it's gritty, a place where the streets can feel like theater. but for the historic cadillac hotel, theater has taken over its walls. >> this performance honors 100 years off outcast activism in the tenderloin. >> reporter: in the neighborhood of unusual sights, suspended three flights above the gritty streets, artists from the performance troupe flyaway productions dangle and dance in a floating ballet. >> we're an apparatus-based dance company, so we dance off the ground. >> reporter: instead of pointing
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out the neighborhood's flaws, artistic director joe citer says the performance she calls "tender" celebrates its spirit. >> so we're really using a deep physicality and a deep push against gravity in our effort to honor political activism. so we're dancing on a boat that we constructed, looking at the experience of the boat people coming from vietnam. >> reporter: this performer pays homage to transgender rights. >> their stories are being told. they'll be able to see some of themselves in these stories. >> reporter: the dancers soar up the tenderloin people. >> by an extension of that, "tender" is our exhibit come to life on the side of the building. a lot of people in the
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tenderloin are low income, are barely holding on. they can't afford to see the opar ballet, so we're trying to bring that caliber of art here. >> it takes a lot of heart. >> reporter: a lot of heart, a bit of fearlessness, a sturdy harness, and a neighborhood famous for its struggles. it's one of those times where things are looking up. joe rosato jr. >> it's amazing to do that. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i love the sentiment behind it. the performances run tonight and next week, thursday through saturday night. you still have a chance to see it in person. we continue to follow breaking news out of the north bay. a grass fire burning in san rafael. a viewer sharing this video with us. this is burning in a hillside area called san rafael hill. so far about 15 acres have burned, and the flames only 15% contained. marin county fire says there are no evacuation orders in place. there is a shelter in place
5:58 pm
order for coleman, graceland, and the top of lincoln, el cerrito and live oak. nbc bay area's sergio quintana on his way to the scene. thanks so much for watching. we're back in two minutes with nbc bay area news at 6:00. stay right here.
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♪ a toast, from estrella jalisco. pa arriba! to the stars of the mexican national team. pa abajo! to the stars that know you don't get here by luck
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but after years of dedication. al centro! to the stars that bleed green, white and red. pa dentro! we are all in this together, no matter what! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team. we continue to follow breaking news out of san rafael tonight. firefighters are battling a wildfire that has doubled in size in the last hour. >> that fire you see right there on san rafael hill has burned more than 15 containment is now up to 20%. it broke out shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. a shelter in place order has been issued for coleman, graceland, top of lincoln, el cerrito and liv


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